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P is for Pablo Neruda

Years ago, I studied Spanish in the language immersion environment of Middlebury College. It was a Vermont summer interacting with Spanish language learners of all levels, from beginners, like me, […]
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O is for Obon

Obon season in Hawaiʻi is special. Bon dances are so prevalent here that every summer, an exhaustive calendar advertising every single bon dance in the islands appears in newspapers and blogs. Local […]
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N is for Nāhuku

Nāhuku is the Hawaiian name for Thurston Lava Tube in Volcanoes National Park here on Hawaiʻi Island. It’s one of my favorite locations in the park because it’s located within a […]
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M is for Muse

What once was an organized and relatively clean home, is now a home full of creative opportunities.  I like to tell my self this when ever I see the clutter […]
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L is for Listening

I spend many nights awake. Often I hear the wind rustling the leaves outside my window. Other times I can hear the high pitch sounds of the uncontrollable coqui frogs […]
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K is for Kittens

It’s been a little less than 6 months since we lost Simon and although we still miss him terribly, it was time to bring some feline company and energy back […]
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J is for Juicing

Juicing is the most effective and immediate way to inject grade A nutrition into the body.  A potent elixir that is sure to add a “pep to your step” and […]
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I is for Illusion

When visiting California, I like to spend some time admiring the buildings – apartments, hotels or homes.  They are usually made out of concrete covered with stucco, which is a […]
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H is for Hats

I love hats. They are, by far, my favorite weekend accessory. I like to think I have the head and face to pull off wearing them, but the reality is, putting one […]
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G is for Gelato

One of my favorite desserts is vanilla bean ice-cream.   However, when ever I visit Lima, Peru, I always indulge in a hefty serving of flavorful gelato made with local Peruvian […]
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